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Until the Internet Operating System Counter has moved to another web site, I cannot offer my own Operating System Sniffer. In between you may use the OS Revealer, which also uses queso to determine the operating system.

If the OS Revealer does not describe your system correctly, please help to improve the OS detection system and send email to Tell him, which OS you are running and which results you are getting from the OS Revealer. If there are special devices between your box and the Internet, it might be helpful if you can tell about them (routers, firewall...).

If you find out about sites, which are running another operating system than expected (like please let me know.

The owner of, Josh Cohen <> has told me, that there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page available. If you trust me, please accept my information, that this host seems to be running LINUX at the moment and cease from running queso against this server.

Don't forget, that behind every host, there stands someone who has to do his work. And I understand, that nobody is happy if his host gets flooded by kinky packets. Therefore I'll probably remove the info about around the end of September, since the traffic to this server seems to increase out of bound.

This way to the OS Revealer